SHE IS RISING Leadership Center

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The SHE IS RISING Leadership Center helps survivors become leaders. We offer classes in person and online. We bring educational events, retreats, workshops and support groups to cities around the world in partnership with other non-profits, governmental agencies and universities serving survivors of sex trafficking and gender violence. 

In Winter 2017, we are launching our expanded online program for surivors across North America. This 6 month, immersive Leadership Program teaches strategies for cultivating resilience and self-worth as the foundation for transformational leadership.

In Part 1, we focus on helping survivors learn to value their voices. In Part 2, we present ways to lead and feature experts on each leadership track, including Communication, Advocacy, Entrepreneurship and Education. Through videos, writing, podcasts, special guests and creative exercises, participants will explore key leadership lessons and take steps to create their passion project.


You Deserve to Be Heard

Cultivate Your Self-Worth

Identify Your Gifts + Desires

Define Your Unique Leadership Style

Express Yourself for Impact

PART 2: Take the Lead

Choose Your Path to Impact

The Communicator

Create Change Through Media, Speaking, Writing + the Arts

The Advocate

Create Change Through Policy, Social Work, Criminal Justice + Activism

The Entrepreneur

Create Change Through Economic Empowerment + Innovation

The Guide

Create Change Through Coaching, Counseling, Spiritual Guidance, Teaching + Mentoring

PART 3: Share Your Passion Project

Integrate + Celebrate Your Discoveries